Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Joey Logano's Best Statistical Track is Talladega; Using Last Fall's Third-Place Chassis

Joey Logano returns to his most successful track on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit, Talladega Superspeedway. Logano posted two top-10 finishes in The Home Depot Toyota at the restrictor-plate track last year, including a third-place effort last fall.

Logano kept The Home Depot Team in the top 12 in Sprint Cup Series point standings, the cutoff to the Chase to the Sprint Cup, after the race in Texas on Monday. Logano has accumulated 941 points this season, and sits just 87 points behind fifth-place driver Jeff Gordon. Currently all three Joe Gibbs Racing drivers are within the top 12 in points.

The No. 20 Team is taking chassis #245 for this weekend’s restrictor-plate race at Talladega Superspeedway. Logano drove this chassis to a third-place finish at Talladega last October and in the 2010 Shootout at Daytona where he finished seventh.

Joey Logano On Talladega:
"The Home Depot Team and I did the spoiler test at Talladega and we were able to feel some differences but it wasn’t anything too significant. I know people either love or hate restrictor-plate racing, I have fun going to Talladega. I kind of think it’s a sort of an off-weekend because your car is not going to be much different over the course of the three days. The cars are pretty much bolted to the ground and you can do little things to help them handle better but you focus on how you’re sucking up to other cars and how the cars are pushing you. It’s not like you can’t sleep at night because you’re worried about what to change the next morning. You don’t ask yourself, ‘Is my car going to be the same as it was yesterday? How are we going to be in the race?’ You’ve got what you’ve got and hope it’s enough. I really look forward to it. I have fun there and we’ve had two good runs there so hopefully we’ll be able to do that again. You just need to stay out of trouble and be there at the end."

Expect another good run out of Logano this week, and maybe even a surprise win. The kid has the plate racing under control and we know hoe good Joe Gibbs cars have been the last three seasons in plate races.
Las Vegas odds have Logano at 40 to 1 this week. Where anything can happen, and does based on last season, he's not a bad look this week.

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