Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Johnson Bringing Winning Vegas Chassis To Texas This Week

It don't get any easier for anyone rooting against Jimmie Johnson this week. He's be driving chassis No. 580 this week at Texas. Johnson took that chassis to Victory Lane at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in February in it's only Cup start.

If things get tough in practice or he should wreck the primary car, things get worse for the haters because he's bringing a back-up that won at California. In four career starts, Johnson has brought this back-up chassis to victory lane three times.

Johnson Quotes
LOOKING AT TEXAS, HOW DOES THAT LOOK FOR YOU GUYS? "I'm excited to get back on the 1.5-mile (tracks). We've had good stuff at Texas and at the 1.5-mile tracks in general. But the big wild card out there is how is this spoiler going to work? I think that the lead car in qualifying we won't see a lot of difference. But there is still a lot to be learned with the car in traffic. Even though we had the Charlotte test, we really never put ourselves in a racing position and side-by-side and stuff like that. I feel good about things. I know we're going to have a good set-up, but it's a different world in the pack. We're going to need a few months to really evolve set-ups in the cars to handle what's going to go on in the pack."

TALK A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE SPOILER. HOW HAS IT MADE THE CAR DRIVE, AND IS IT GOING TO CHANGE YOUR IMPRESSIONS GOING INTO TEXAS? "From my standpoint, I feel that the cars drove very similar to the way that I have in the past. I didn't even think about wing or spoiler on the back of the car throughout the (Phoenix) race. It seemed the same. The final test will be in Texas. And even to Talladega. There's some things with this spoiler that should help the car stay on the ground and change the draft a bit at Talladega. So we have a nice progression in tracks to really evaluate what's going on. But so far I think it's going well and it's driving a lot like it did before."

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