Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phoenix Finds New Marketing Avenue To Sell Tickets

It was interesting to see Phoenix International Raceway use a new avenue to sell NASCAR tickets for their November dates by using all markets necessary in an attempt to get a full house. The marketing staff at PIR sent a press release Tuesday announcing they have offered special prices in a cross promotion with, a web site devoted to the gay, lesbian, and transgender community of NASCAR fans.

While it is great to utilize all means necessary to fill the seats, it definitely is charting new territory as far as traditional NASCAR marketing goes. There is no pre-requisite needed, or validation that the person buying the tickets must be a homosexual, so anyone can go on through this site and purchase the discounted tickets.

This type of marketing is nothing new to the corporate Hotel/Casinos in Las Vegas who have reached out to the gay community. Several places like the Luxor and Mandalay Bay routinely have special rates and pool parties dedicated every so often to try and maximize their product through all avenues and sell rooms. PIR is just joining the party.

This is definitely “thinking outside the box”, the only real question I have is who the crowd will be rooting for.    

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