Thursday, March 5, 2015

Westgate goes full throttle with Super Bowl-type props for Kobalt 400

Westgate has OVER-UNDER cautions set at 6.5 for Kobalt 400
The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook may not have posted 350 props for the Kobalt 400 like it did for the Super Bowl, but there are more props available for Sunday's race than we'll see for any other NASCAR event in 2015.

The reason is simple: Las Vegas has a captive audience of over 100,000 people in town for the race. More racing fans means more volume; more props mean more ways for the book to ensure a profit for the weekend, the same strategy employed for the Super Bowl.

If the Westgate has to pay out lots of Jeff Gordon-to-win bets at 7-to-1 odds, the book's back-up plan -- props -- will help negate the loss. In the Super Bowl, many bettors cashed on 13-to-5 Patriots-to-OVER parlays, and if parlays were the only betting option, Las Vegas books would have shown a hefty loss. But between the Super Bowl props and futures, the books showed a $3.3 million profit.

The volume wagered on Las Vegas' NASCAR Sprint Cup race will be only a fraction of what was written for the Super Bowl ($116 million), but the same bookmaking concept applies.

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