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Newman looking for 'Super-Fast' Kansas on Sunday

2003 Kansas winner Ryan Newman is 30/1 to win Sunday
KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (Oct. 1, 2013) – When a natural disaster strikes, coordinated efforts between architects, construction crews, local residents, individuals and volunteer groups focus their energies on recovery and rebuilding. Getting the area functioning as it was before the devastation becomes a priority for those involved.

While numerous organizations dedicate themselves to both relieving human suffering and the rebuilding efforts, the plight of animals affected by the disaster is almost an afterthought. That’s where Code 3 Associates, Inc., comes in. A 501(c)(3) non-profit, Code 3 is dedicated to providing professional animal disaster response and resources to communities, as well as providing professional training to individuals and agencies involved in emergency response. The group, founded in 1985, accomplishes its mission through hands-on animal rescue and care operations during disaster events in the United States and Canada.

The Colorado-based organization is a national response team that, at the request of local government officials, provides animal rescue and recovery in times of disaster.

Last season, Code 3 Associates began its partnership with Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR). The collaboration has led to increased recognition for the efforts of Code 3 Associates and, in turn, increased donations to the national response team that at the request of local government officials provides animal rescue and recovery during any kind of disaster.

Just last month, Code 3 Associates was called in to help in Colorado. A week of relentless rain and flooding of historic proportions throughout the state left eight people dead and hundreds more missing. With parts of the state hit by up to 15 inches of rainfall, the floods destroyed thousands of structures, leaving many people and animals stranded. Boulder County Animal Control invited Code 3 Associates to assist pets in need and help with emergency rescue operations.

The partnership between Code 3 Associates and SHR takes center stage this weekend at Kansas when Newman carries the organization’s blue-and-yellow scheme on his No. 39 Chevrolet for the second time in 2013. While Kansas hasn’t been the strongest of racetracks for Newman in recent years, Newman does know what it takes to finish up front at Kansas as he has one win in 2003 and runner-up finishes in 2001 and 2002.

While SHR has helped bring attention to the efforts of Code 3 Associates, those efforts have also paid dividends for Kannapolis, N.C.-based team as the last time the “Riders on the Storm Animal Rescue Team” logo was displayed on the hood of one of its Chevrolets, Tony Stewart raced his way into victory lane at Dover (Del.) International Speedway in June. And for Newman, who enters Sunday’s race at Kansas seventh in points, a win would go a long way toward improving his standing in the Chase for the Sprint Cup Series championship. The South Bend, Ind., native is just nine points behind fifth-place Jeff Gordon and 48 points behind current points leader Matt Kenseth.

Through years of growth and change, Code 3’s mission remains the same – to provide professional disaster response for animal needs, and to train individuals involved in animal-related law enforcement and emergency response to safely and effectively carry out their responsibilities to the animals and people in their communities. Those wanting to learn more about Code 3 Associates and what they can do to support its mission can do so by visiting www.Code3Associates.org.


Kansas Speedway was reconfigured this time last year. So, it’s had a year of age. Do you think it’s changed in that time?
“No, because they haven’t repaved it since they repaved it, so it hasn’t changed (laughs). We did the tire test at Kansas a few months ago and it hasn’t changed much. It’s still super-fast. I don’t think the variable banking has really come into play, quite yet, but we’ll see if that changes by the time we unload there this weekend. It seems like these racetracks, going back to Michigan, which was a newer repave, that it’s really sensitive to not only how many racecars, but also what kind of racecar – be it a Nationwide Series car or a Camping World Truck – gets on the racetrack before the Sprint Cup cars do. To me, when we finished the Michigan race, we drove around the track in the rental car on our way out of there and I thought to myself, ‘Man, this place is just getting ready to race.’ There were three grooves where we could actually race each other. If we can get to those conditions Friday before we race rather than Sunday after we’ve raced, it’s going to make a world of difference. I think it’s all going to depend on how the rubber lays down, how fast the track is, and if we get to sliding around in practice and widening out the groove to see if the track will have changed for the racing conditions on Sunday.”

You enter Kansas seventh in points. With seven races remaining, is time to hit the panic button yet?
“We’re not going to get too worked up just yet. We’re only three races in, there are seven more to go. The bottom line is I can’t make the racecar any faster than we are currently making it go. A lot can happen in seven races. We can find ourselves having some misfortune, and we might find some of the guys we’re racing for this championship have some misfortune. We have to be in position, should they have misfortune, where we can capitalize on it.”

There are a lot of people that are saying it’s a three-man race, already. So, you don’t agree with that?
“Well, I think it is a three-man race right now. But, I don’t think it can’t be a four-, five- or six-man race by the time we get to Homestead. We didn’t have a great race at New Hampshire a few weeks back, so we gave up quite a few points right there. Who’s to say those guys won’t find themselves having an off-race like that just the way we did? It’s not over until it’s over. There is so much racing left. There are so many laps, so many opportunities for guys to make mistakes that I feel like it’s too early to be talking about it.”

Talk about your sponsor this weekend – Code 3 Associates – and the unique connection the organization has to one of your passions, rescuing animals.
“We are big fans of Code 3 Associates, and they are big fans of the Ryan Newman Foundation. It’s fun to be able to partner up and have Code 3 Associates on the car. Animal welfare is something that is very important to me and my wife Krissie. We’re in the process of opening up our Rescue Ranch facility in North Carolina. We know firsthand the costs involved and how important it is to create awareness of what you’re doing so you can not only see your project come to fruition, but to sustain it. All the things Code 3 does with animal rescues during times of need, whether it’s catastrophes or natural disasters, is pretty amazing. They are helping out and they are doing what they can to help the animals. That’s what we do through our foundation. Ours is more oriented to the dogs and cats of the world, but we have the same goals. We truly appreciate what Code 3 Associates is about and we’re proud to have them on our racecar and a part of Stewart-Haas Racing.”

- True Speed Communication for Stewart-Haas Racing

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