Wednesday, March 8, 2017

NASCAR in Las Vegas: 2017 Kobalt 400 Betting Preview

It's props galore in Vegas for all the NASCAR fans visiting this weekend.
I may be a little biased, but after going to several NASCAR races across the nation I can't help but feel Las Vegas is the ultimate destination across the circuit. Sure, it's just another 1.5-mile cookie cutter, but the amenities that the city has to offer make it an easy No. 1 in my book.

Despite gambling offered across the city, colleges and universities think so too as four conference basketball tournaments are being played in town this week. Forget that the players can't participate in some of 21 and over activities, the conferences want the parents and alumni to show up for tickets sales, and they do.

NASCAR and Monster Energy also think it's a cool place too which is why an announcement is expected this week that Las Vegas will finally be getting a much deserved second Cup date next season. It's likely to be in the Chase and possibly, I hope, the season finale. Monster Energy wants more bang for the buck and the show Las Vegas could put on for the Championship race is unmatched.

The way I see it is I only have so many dates a year I can take off and most of the time my girl wants to go with me, except for my NASCAR weekends. Sometimes that's a good thing -- time away can be good, and it's the same story with my friends who meet me at tracks. But when March rolls around with Vegas, their wives always make the trip. That's the allure of Vegas. It always passes the wife test.

For bettors, it's also the most fun race to visit because of all the action offered around town. Las Vegas kicks off NASCAR's three-race West Coast swing and it will be the most wagered race of the season, and the difference between second-place isn't even close. The action wagered in the months leading up to the season opening Daytona 500 two weeks ago will be more than quadrupled this week for Sunday's Kobalt 400.

Because of all the action with over 100,000 visitors in town for the race, the sports books amp up their wagering menu in a similar fashion as they do for the Super Bowl. Odds to win the race are the most popular bets, but you'll be able to bet anything that's in a race box score.

And I really do mean ANYTHING.

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AJ the Rastaman said...

vegas blows. cookie cutter 1.5 mile tracks blow even more, especially when a race is taken from a short and/or flat track.