Friday, September 20, 2013

Kyle Busch is relaxed and poised in 2013 Chase

Kyle Busch kicks a hold from Pats kicker Stephen Gostkowski Thursday
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Kyle Busch was quite proud of himself Thursday when he kicked what a simulator said was a 56-yard field goal inside The Hall at Patriot Place, the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

He could only laugh when he tried to kick field goals on the actual Gillette Stadium turf. He wasn’t nearly as successful, lacking height, distance and accuracy on his kick.

His kicking ability was not something to get frustrated over. But that’s not the only area of his life where Busch appears more relaxed than in the past.

If he’s letting the pressure of having never won a Chase race while competing in the Chase for the Sprint Cup get to him, then he’s a pretty darn good actor. Busch, who has been known to wear his emotions on his sleeve, said he is more relaxed this year during what he believes is his best chance win the Sprint Cup championship.

He laughs often during media sessions. His outbursts on the radio have dwindled. The sour looks are not as common.

“You guys are getting a small dose of really what’s going on,” crew chief Dave Rogers said. “He’s really relaxed. He’s really poised. He’s making a lot of smart decisions. He’s putting effort into it.

“We talk about the will to prepare to win and the desire to win. He’s not talking the talk this year. He’s actually doing it. I see a lot of great things behind the scenes.”

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