Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vickers on How He Handles Being "Rubbed" The Wrong Way By Other Drivers

By Brian Vickers

Sliding up in front of me—that means you weren’t paying attention or you made a mistake. That ticks me off a little bit, and I’ll let you know that. But I’m not going to wreck you for it.

If you slide-job me on purpose, that’s probably the next level up. I’m probably going to do it back to you, but I may not wreck you.

If you get to me and I’m being stubborn and I just won’t let you go—and you’re behind me for 10 laps and I’m just not giving you any room and you bump me to let me know you’re frustrated—it depends on the situation. If I feel like I was probably just being stubborn, and it’s early in the race and you’re patient and you waited awhile, I probably wouldn’t be happy about it. I’d probably do the same thing back to you, but I wouldn’t be real upset about it.

If you get to me early in a race—before the last 50 miles or whatever—and the second time you get to me you hit me, if I don’t put you in the wall, I’m going to come close to it. I just have no tolerance for that.

If it’s the end of the race, the last lap, and we’re racing hard and you bump me and we move each other, I’ve got no problem with that. If you wreck me, then I’m going to wreck you back—for sure.

- As told to Reid Spencer - From the Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service

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