Friday, May 21, 2010

All-Star Practice Speeds From Charlotte: Jimmie Johnson Fastest on Friday

Different name on the track, but Charlotte is still being dominated by Jimmie Johnson with Lowe's on the hood of his car. Johnson has been one of the greatest drivers in the history of Charlotte Motor Speedway and showed during Friday's practice that he is still poised to be the fastest on the track, whatever they call it.

The practice speeds will not be as telling this week as is usually the case for most races. There was only one session and it was run in completely different conditions than what we'll see Saturday night. One of the greatest tools I like to use is the average speeds, and those are completely useless as well this week because of all the qualifying simulations they ran which requires them to make a pit stop.

It's going to be a crap shoot for sure this week, especially with $1 million dollars on the line. Anyone can win the race, almost anyone that is (Bobby Labonte slipped my mind). I'll have a write-up later tonight with who I believe has the best chance.

Sprint All-Star Challenge practice [the only practice] at Charlotte Motor Speedway is over, some results and notes:
1)#48-Johnson 184.710
2)#2-Busch 183.480
3)#39-Newman 183.119
4)#5-Martin 182.952
5)#29-Harvick 182.710
slowest of 18: #71-Labonte 178.300 & #83-Mears 178.006

Sprint Showdown practice at Charlotte Motor Speedway is over, some results and notes:
#42-Montoya 184.508
#31-Burton, 184.407
#56-Truex, Jr 183.874
#43-Allmendinger 183.599
#16-Biffle 182.667
slowest: #92-Richardson 171.898 & #57-Benning 167.723
incidents: #19-Sadler hit the wall in turn 4 midway through the session, scraping up the side of the car. The team will repair it. #82-Scott Speed got loose off turn 2 and smacked the wall. He will have to go to a backup car.

See complete list of speeds on's practice page

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