Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who Ratted Out The Penske Cars at Texas?

The controversy surrounding the parts and pieces taken from the Penske Racing teams at Texas Motor Speedway Saturday elicits more questions than answers at the moment, including what kind of penalties might come down.

The first big question is if the rear-end housing and other parts, which were taken by NASCAR just hours before the race, broke the rules or merely manipulated a gray area in the rulebook where NASCAR didn’t want the teams to go.

Then there are the questions of who possibly turned in the Penske teams and whether Brad Keselowski’s comments last year about Hendrick Motorsports had anything to do with his team suddenly coming under intense scrutiny.

What a soap opera for the defending Sprint Cup champion.

First, a history lesson:

Keselowski didn’t complain about Hendrick teams skewing the rear end of their cars last year, but made note of it when asked about the differences in their cars.

“There’s parts and pieces on the car that are moving after inspection that makes the cars more competitive,” Keselowski said after the August race at Michigan. “Some guys have it, some don’t. There’s a question as to the interpretation of the rule.

“Penske Racing errs on the safe side because we don’t want to be the guys that get the big penalty.”

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