Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Daytona 500 Betting Preview: Gibbs Cars Should Be Strong

Danica Patrick has been bet on quite often in Las Vegas (Getty)
By Micah Roberts

The last thing I wanted to do was have Danica Patrick be the lead story of this years Daytona 500 preview, but it’s just too unique of a story to ignore. After weighing out all the storylines for this years event, the top story is a rookie Sprint Cup driver who has never had much success in any NASACAR series. But after becoming the first woman to ever win a Cup series pole position, and do it for the Super Bowl of NASCAR, the intrigue of her story is the main headline.

Of course Patrick has a few attributes that make her a little more attractive than any other that might have won the pole. She’s got the TMZ type of media buzz already following her which far outweighs any type of coverage any NASCAR or sports media could ever conjure up. She’s brought the eyes of hundreds of thousands of new fans to a sport they may not have otherwise thought of watching. It also helps sell her news because she’s very easy on the eyes.

There’s also the angle of Patrick dating fellow rookie driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., the type of romance never seen before in NASCAR, but the type that Hollywood tabloids have been dishing out since movie producers figured out films sold better when the headlining actors were seen in the public together.

As sensational as all that the may be, none of that was the main consideration for leading with Patrick here. Her tie into being the main Daytona 500 story in Las Vegas is that she has been the most bet driver, male or female, good-looking or hideous, single or linked.

Las Vegas bettors have got Danica Patrick fever, and the betting trend that has seen her drop from as high as 125-to-1 odds down to as low as 16-to-1 odds at William Hill, started long before she won the Daytona 500 pole position on Sunday.

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