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Daytona 500 Driver Ratings Following All Practice Sessions

Roberts Weekly Driver Ratings 
Each week I will provide an analysis of my top rated drivers on how well they will do in the race based on the following criteria:
• Practice sessions leading up to the weekend’s Sprint Cup race
• Chassis information on what was brought to each track by each team, good or bad
• Driver tendencies at certain tracks
• Recent and overall histories for each driver at each track
• Decipher poor past results with what really happened, good car -- or bad luck?
These final ratings should help assist in final betting strategies with the Las Vegas books or match-up and prop plays, as well as help in NASCAR fantasy leagues.

Micah Roberts Top 10 Driver Ratings
Daytona 500
Daytona International Speedway
Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 10:15 am (PDT)

                                              Practice   Practice      Final          Duel
Rating    Driver     Odds             3 or 4*      5 or 6*     Practice     Results

 1. Jeff Burton 12/1                  20th            1st             2nd             1st 
One career win at Daytona in 2001; stood out the most throughout Daytona speedweeks.
 2. Kevin Harvick 7/1                9th            DNP          21st            3rd 
2007 Daytona 500 winner; won two of the four restrictor plate races in 2009.
 3. Kurt Busch 10/1                  12th            8th             5th              1st 
Won the Bud Shootout and Gatorade Duel; no driver has ever completed the triple.
 4. Clint Bowyer 12/1                22nd          DNP          1st              2nd 
Average Daytona 500 finish in 5 starts of 11.8 is best among all current drivers.
 5. Jeff Gordon 10/1                 3rd            DNP          DNP           12th 
Three Daytona 500 wins, tied for third all-time. Also holds record for most plate wins.
 6. Kyle Busch 8/1                    1st             DNP          16th             4th 
One career win at Daytona in 2008; finished 14th and 41st in the last two Daytona 500’s.
 7. Jamie McMurray 12/1          8th            DNP          13th            6th 
Won 2010 Daytona 500; three of his six career wins have come in plate races.
 8. Matt Kenseth 25/1               6th              5th            30th            4th 
2009 Daytona 500 winner; had the most consistent speedweeks of all the Ford drivers.
 9. Kasey Kahne 25/1               1st              3rd            11th             5th 
17.6 average finish in 14 Daytona starts; runner-up in 2010 Daytona summer race.
10. Dale Earnhardt Jr 12/1       3rd             10th           25th           13th            
2004 Daytona 500 winner, runner-up last year. Average finish of 14.4 in 22 Daytona starts.
* The drivers best listed time on that day of practice combining the two sessions.

Note: Practice 1 and 2 were used primarily for qualifying set-up making it fairly irrelevant in the ratings equation.

Odds courtesy of the Las Vegas Hilton Super Book.

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