Tuesday, May 16, 2017

2017 Monster Energy All-Star Race Betting Preview

Martin Truex Jr. has flexed muscles on 1.5s this year: 2 wins in 4 races.
LAS VEGAS -- There's a million reasons why NASCAR's version of the All-Star Game is the best in all of sports, but of course the top reason of all is the big $1 million check given to the winner and what drivers are willing to do for it.

Baseball's version is nice too because of nostalgia, but they're no longer playing for anything any more. The NBA & NHL versions don't even resemble their real game and the NFL's version should just stop playing it altogether.

In NASCAR's version, drivers and crew chiefs alter their normal game plan to let it all hang out with the goal of getting that fat check. There's no points involved so there's no 'good day' by finishing in the top-10. It's all or nothing in these drivers minds and they squeeze out every ounce of power their cars can give them and they don't care about how banged up their car gets.

Dangling money can make people do crazy things, including turn brother against brother. In the 2007 All-Star Race, Kurt Busch was in second-place and charging to the front with 18 laps to go when younger brother Kyle got underneath him and wrecked them both. They didn't talk to each other the entire season until Thanksgiving when their grandmother told them to cool it.

“There’s always something exciting about racing for $1 million," said the elder Busch, who won the 2010 All-Star Race. "There’s a unique element about having that kind of money on the line in one night. It’s the prestige, it’s the intensity of it. I like coming onto pit road with no speed limit (during qualifying). I like that the pit crew is part of qualifying. The format itself is unique. It’s a fun environment for a novice fan to enjoy his or her first taste of NASCAR. It’s an even better environment for a longtime fan to see his or her favorite driver laying it all on the line for $1 million with no points at stake.”

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