Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Atlanta Betting Preview: Think 2015 Kentucky and Darlington first

Handicapping Atlanta should start with Kentucky 2015.  
Wow, what a way to kick off the 2016 season.

Denny Hamlin's 0.010 second of a win over Martin Truex Jr. in Sunday's Daytona 500 was an absolute thrill (so was his 15/1 odds). But that stuff is over -- in the past -- the rear view mirror -- and the results will do nothing to help you in handicapping until the series returns to another restrictor-plate track at Talladega in May.

Bookmark the results and move on to what matters for this week’s race on the 1.5-mile high banked layout at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Up to 38 drivers could win at Daytona. At Atlanta, a good case can be made for maybe only 12 drivers. Who are those drivers?

The two types of racing are completely different and what we see in Atlanta will be what we see for most of the season (11 races on 1.5-mile tracks) -- the low downforce package that was used last season at Kentucky Speedway and Darlington Raceway.

Most will agree that those were two of the best races of 2015. Drivers could pass much easier and really had to feather the cars lightly around the turns. It made the results almost as much about the drivers as the set-up and equipment, which was a major turnaround from the other packages historically used on 1.5-mile tracks.

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