Monday, November 10, 2014

NASCAR should leave Chase format as is

There was certainly more spirited events this year than ever before
Good, bad or ugly, NASCAR's new Chase format has created drama, excitement and hard racing throughout its first year. Although it has faced criticism and it may have flaws, NASCAR now needs to leave the format alone for the next few seasons.

Since the Chase was introduced in 2004, the format and way teams compete for the championship has been changed, molded and completely rewritten on four different occasions. These changes altered how many drivers qualified, how they made their way in, and how the eventual champion was crowned.

With this latest change producing drama and excitement unlike anything we've seen in the sport for quite some time, NASCAR needs to embrace this format and let it be.

"NASCAR's core responsibility is to always look down the road and position the industry to excite our fans with the highest level of competition in the world," NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France said when introducing the new format in January. "... The new Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup will be thrilling, easy to understand and help drive our sport's competition to a whole new level."

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Ray Miller said...

By supplying engines, chassis, engineering, setup notes and etc., effectively puts Harvick in and Gordon out.
Unheard of in other major sports where you help competitors beat your own men. It can't be a money thing or is it?

Fireballr7 said...

Great point Ray. Yes, it's all about money. The SHR team is basically an extension under the rules for Hendrick.