Friday, November 7, 2014

Dover Police investigating Kurt Busch for alleged domestic assault

2004 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Kurt Busch is being investigated by the Dover Police department regarding an alleged domestic assault filed November 5.

The Associated Press reported Friday morning, that Busch’s former girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll is the apparent victim in that attack that occurred inside Busch’s motorhome during a recent race.

Friday morning, the Dover Police department issued the following statement:

“The Dover Police Department can confirm that an investigation is being conducted based on an allegation of domestic assault that is alleged to have occurred in the City of Dover involving Mr. Busch. These allegations were brought to the Dover Police Department on Wednesday, November 5th at 2:00PM.

“At this time, the department is still investigating the victim’s claims and will not have any further comment on this matter in order to preserve the integrity of the case. The Dover Police Department will release further information as it becomes available. We appreciate the public’s and media’s patience in this matter and are confident that the department is taking the proper investigative steps to ensure the case is resolved appropriately.”

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