Friday, January 11, 2013

Daytona Pre-Season Testing: Drivers Like the New Car

New teammates hooking up and fast in draft (Getty)
Sporting News

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Tony Stewart summed up feelings likely shared by many drivers Thursday as they took their first laps of 2013 in the new Sprint Cup car.

“I’m glad we finally got away from the Car of Tomorrow that wasn’t, I don’t think, one of the best of ideas,” Stewart said. “… It is nice to get back to cars that look like production cars again.”

"I would say the coolest part of this #daytonatesting is the way these cars look!" Kyle Busch tweeted near the end of Thursday's session. "@NASCAR all the manufacturers did a great job!"

Drivers like to race cars that look cool. For the last six years, they raced Sprint Cup cars that, according to many fans and drivers, weren’t so cool. The Cup car introduced in 2007 was safer but too boxy with an ugly rear wing.

The 2013 version — the Gen-6 — features a return to manufacturer identity. To many, they look like racecars.

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