Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kansas Betting Preview: 2016 400

Brad Keselowski and Jopey Logano finished 1-2 at Las Vegas.
LAS VEGAS -- It's time to get back into our 1.5-mile track mode with Saturday night racing at Kansas Speedway and it's also time to stop, reflect and acknowledge every Mother on the planet, something NASCAR has been doing since its beginnings.

Mother's Day has always a been a huge NASCAR tradition simply because they don't race on the holiday. NASCAR founder Bill France always said he never wanted to see any mother have to watch their son get injured while driving during a race on their special day, but the real reason was closer to the fact that no one came to any of the tracks in the bible belt on that particular Sunday, so it was bad for business.

The tradition still goes on to this day, but instead of an overall dry NASCAR weekend, we get Saturday night racing at Kansas. It'll be the fourth of 11 races on 1.5-mile tracks this season, and first of two at Kansas Speedway. The other will come in October during the Chase.

If you're wondering why Kansas has two race dates when a much better equipped and fun NASCAR experience in Las Vegas only has one, you just need to know that International Speedway Corporation (ISC), which owns Kansas Speedway, is a subsidiary of NASCAR.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway is owned by the competing Speedway Motorsports Incorporated (SMI). ISC got into the gaming business themselves with the Hollywood Casino located right at the track, so it serves them well to have two dates. It's a power move that we're on the wrong side of in Vegas.

With three 1.5-mile races already in the books, we should have pretty good look at who is most likely to win Saturday night.Jimmie Johnson won at Atlanta, Brad Keselowski won at Las Vegas and Kyle Busch won at Texas. We can also look at the Fontana race, a 2-mile layout, but with similar banking to Kansas, where Johnson won as well.

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