Sunday, February 28, 2010

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Doesn't Disappoint as The Greatest Show in Town

What an awesome spectacle it was in Las Vegas for the 13th annual NASCAR Sprint Cup Race. Everything from the pre-race ceremonies which included several bands that play on the strip to the USAF Thunderbirds flying over multiple times made the day live up to the Vegas standard.

That Vegas standard is one that elevates the race over many others on tour just because of the vibe it creates. The race itself was somewhat slow and uneventful, but is that really why we go to the races?

Isn’t the NASCAR scene more about being with friends and having some drinks on a beautiful afternoon? On Sunday, I was with 150,000 of my closest friends and enjoyed every moment of it.

The day was absolutely glorious at a nice 60 degrees with the sun shining and a slight cool breeze.

NASCAR President Brian France was walking around the Neon Garage an hour before the race and had to be amazed by what he saw with all the fans being so close to the action, and presented in a way that no where else on tour does.

There aren’t too many tracks around where you’ll find Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Hannah Montana impersonators walking through the garages.

Jimmie Johnson won for the fourth time in Vegas, but he and his team deserved it. Jeff Gordon led for just about the entire race, but couldn’t hold on down the stretch thanks to some brilliant pit work by the No. 48 team who got Johnson out on their last pit stop with four tires and restarted fourth.

Jeff Gordon took only two tires and was a sitting duck while leading with 17 laps to go. The two teammates battled for many laps until Gordon finally gave way to the inevitable.

Many of the Las Vegas books did very well to the race just because the favorite won. Johnson closed at most books around 4 to 1 odds. While he was still bet a lot by the public just because he is Superman, the action was much more brisk on several other drivers including Dale Earnhardt Jr and the Vegas Busch Brothers, all whom qualified very well.

The Kim Kardashian pink car touting her new perfume was driven by Mike Bliss and lasted only about 10 laps before needing a lift to the garage. Despite the early finish, that car got more publicity for the small fee they paid for the one race than any kind of print or television ad could have produced.

It’s too bad the weekend has come and gone so quickly and that fans all over the country, myself included, have to wait another year for the ultimate NASCAR experience again.

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