Monday, October 29, 2012

Johnson Now Clear Cut Favorite to Win NASCAR Chase

Johnson is an absolute machine, a one of a kind ( Getty) 
The Linemakers on Sporting News

No matter how much we search for an angle to show that Jimmie Johnson won’t win the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship, the math never adds up. We can try sell ourselves that 2+2 equals 5, but in the end, we'll be wrong, and that's the way its been with Johnson. Rather than just say Johnson is clearly the favorite, we look to find some semblance of hope that maybe someone can step up and show some consistency to match his high level of competition, but in five of the past six years, that search has been a futile one, just as it is this season.

When Johnson won at Martinsville on Sunday, he also grabbed the points lead from Brad Keselowski, who had been temporarily keeping the throne warm for Johnson for the first six weeks of the Chase. There still are three races remaining before we can actually call Johnson the 2012 champion, but it’s what has made Johnson champ in those other five seasons that makes it hard to believe his short 2-point lead won’t hold up.

Fans from every sport seem to dislike consistent dominance, but it’s different in NASCAR. In baseball, we all bang on the Yankees because they are always so good, but Johnson doesn’t have the massive army of supporters the Yankees do.

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