Friday, May 19, 2017

Denny Hamlin has accident in All-Star practice

Denny Hamlin is 15/1 to win
Denny Hamlin discussed his accident during All-Star Race practice: 
"I have no idea. It was so weird. I left pit road out of the garage. I went up through the gears through (turns) one and two, pulled up on the race track - the car just, it didn't feel right. I went into turn three a little bit hesitant to try to just see what was going on with the car and it just - it was backwards as soon as I let out of the gas. It's almost like the left-side air pressure is in the right. We put back on our race-trim tires that we had practiced on so they should've been fine. It's definitely something out of sorts."

Jay Adamczyk,

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