Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kyle Busch won two of first five Cup races at Kentucky Speedway

Kyle Busch is 5/1 to win at Kentucky on Saturday night.
KYLE BUSCH, Driver of the No. 18 SNICKERS® Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing: 

What are your favorite moments at Kentucky Speedway? 
“I have a few favorite moments, actually. The first time racing in the ARCA Series, I won that race a long time ago. And then just a few years ago when I was able to win the race at Kentucky in 2015 during my championship season, just coming back from injury, and that was the first of three races we won in a row. We were able to pass Joey Logano that year late in the race and go on to win – that was a fun one, too. The track that year was really wide, we were running four lanes off the bottom and that never happened before. I’m also really excited to have SNICKERS on board with me this weekend and also have ROWDY as one of the new hunger symptoms on their packaging and also on my racecar.” 

Where do you have the Jukebox trophies from winning Cup and Xfinity races at Kentucky? 
“One of our jukeboxes is downstairs in the play area, where we have the downstairs bar and pool table area. And the other one is in (son) Brexton’s playroom. He knows how to turn it on, goes up there and it’s playing whatever music is on. Brexton loves the jukebox, for sure.” 

How big of a challenge do you have with turn one and two versus a completely different turns three and four at Kentucky? 
“I think the biggest thing we saw last year is that the groove goes from being so wide coming out of turn four and down the front straightaway, it kind of narrows up getting into turn one and the racetrack width narrows up, not to mention the groove is probably only one car wide. Then, on the other end getting into turn three, the track kind of widens out down there and you have plenty of room, but again it narrows down and there’s only one groove. We tried our best to get it rubbered in during the test. It seemed, in turns one and two, the rubber laid down well but it was more of a challenge in turns three and four. We’ll see how it is this weekend.” 

How does it feel to know you’ll always be the inaugural Cup Series winner at Kentucky for the rest of your career? 
“I think it’s cool. You look at some of the new venues we’ve been to over the years and Jeff Gordon got to win a number of inaugural races, like the Brickyard, Fontana, and Kansas. He was always the guy who was known to figure out places the fastest, but we were able to be the ones to do that at Kentucky. There aren’t many opportunities these days to go to a new venue so, for us, being able to win the first race there was extra special, and we’ve really kept that going there by finishing in the top-10 in all the Cup races that have been run there. We’d certainly like to keep our record going there this weekend with our SNICKERS ROWDY Camry.” 

Is Kentucky a special place for you? 
“I love Kentucky. It was special there in 2011, when we were able to win the first Cup race there, and it stayed that way during our win there two years ago. I look forward to going back every year. It’s a pretty challenging racetrack. It used to be a place that lends itself to different kinds of setups because it was so rough. Fast lap times at Kentucky come from momentum. The place is so round that there’s not a ton of banking compared to some other 1.5-milers. It’s all about how round the corners are and just being able to maintain corner speed and stay on the gas. We certainly think we have as good a shot as any to get back to victory lane there with our SNICKERS ROWDY Camry. It’s a place we get excited about, for sure.”

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