Thursday, July 2, 2015

2015 Coke Zero 400 Betting Preview: Up to 35 drivers have a shot at winning

Happy Fourth of July to all; fireworks at Daytona always occur.
Let's start out by shaking each others hands as a congratulatory sign of affection for all of us being fellow Americans as we pass another Independence Day. It really doesn't matter whether you're friends or not, or whether you like a particular person, it's simply about everyone having the freedom to be who they truly are -- both faults and greatness, and live it.

I often reflect back in time to Philadelphia and Boston from the late 18th century and how all our founding fathers risked treason for the betterment of our colonies. And everything we stand for now as the leader of the free world can be tied back to those great moments in our brief but glorious history.

Don't ask me how I'm going to tie all this into my weekly NASCAR piece, but NASCAR does have a pretty good fireworks display going on Sunday night at Daytona International Speedway for the Coke Zero 400, formerly known as the Firecracker 400.

What I can say about NASCAR as it relates to our country is it certainly has a place in a large portion of our hobbies. It's followed weekly from spring till fall -- not too hard to follow in the standings -- and has a certain element that has grown over time that does embody America, whether it's roots of old moonshine runners or political candidates using races as forums to say 'vote for me'.

To me NASCAR is every bit American as baseball and football. They're our sports. Americans created them and we've watched them intensely waiting for some type or drama to include both the thrills of victory and agony of defeats on a regular basis. No other country is so driven by sports, and so often, as Americans.

Anyway, Happy Fourth or July to all. Now let's talk about who is going win Sunday night's race.

I don't know whether I'm happy or sad to see racing at a restrictor-plate race because on one hand I love that anyone can win like no place elese. But on the other hand, I hate it because it's impossible to narrow down five to six drivers to win or bet driver matchups.

In fact, when plate races come around, I don't bet match-ups at all because practices in the four plate races don't tell any part of the story for race day like they do at the 32 other races. So the advantage plays on certain drivers and weeding those guys out before practices happen are completely gone which gives a huge advantage to the house.

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