Wednesday, February 19, 2014

LVH rolls outs dozens of Daytona 500 props

Could Austin Dillon be in for a top-10 finish in Daytona 500?
LAS VEGAS -- The LVH SuperBook posted over 350 Super Bowl propositions last month, and while the bookmakers didn't quite top that mark for NASCAR's Super Bowl, Sunday's Daytona 500, they are offering three dozen unique props that will more than satisfy Las Vegas bettors.

Just like it did for the Super Bowl, the LVH has taken key stats from a NASCAR “box score” for bettors to wager on, such as the number of cautions, manufacturer or car number to win the race, and where individual drivers will finish.

There are only two times a year that Vegas books take things up a notch with NASCAR props, the Daytona 500 and the NASCAR weekend here in town that will run in three weeks.

Here's a look at the driver matchups and other race propositions, with Linemakers picks noted. We’ll post and predict more props later this week. You can also check out basic Daytona 500 odds across multiple Vegas books here.

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