Monday, October 5, 2009

Stewart Wins at Kansas: Gordon Hard Charging With 2nd

by Ed Hinton

Maybe, as Mr. Lincoln said of his Gettysburg Address, this will be little noted nor long remembered.

Then again it might be recalled, at the end of this Chase, as Jeff Gordon's great turning point, his moment of launch.

Gordon was catching Tony Stewart by a hefty tenth of a second a lap in the waning minutes of Sunday's Price Chopper 400. This was little noted, except by ESPN TV announcers, who moved on to celebrating Stewart once he had the race won.

Nor is it much remembered a day later. Second place is, as they say in NASCAR, the first loser. The story coming off the Kansas Speedway stop in the Chase is that Stewart is back in the hunt.

Gordon never said postrace, at least to the media, what drivers usually say in such situations: that he simply ran out of laps.

"We were better than Tony there at the end, but not enough," he told reporters at the track. That is, not enough to run down Stewart in the 27-lap sprint that followed the final caution.

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