Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Phoenix Betting Preview: 2017 Camping World 500

Will we see Busch-Logano II this weekend in Phoenix?
"Boys, have at it", is what NASCAR says about heated driver confrontations and post race scuffles, so they're having at it.

We're only three races into the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season, but after watching the brawl in the pits following Sunday's Kobalt 400 in Las Vegas it feels like we're already in the critical portion of the playoffs.

On Sunday in Las Vegas, Las Vegan Kyle Busch felt he was wronged on the last lap by Joey Logano, the results of which spun Busch's car out to the infield and sent him from an eventual third-place finish to 22nd.

When Busch got out of his car, he was an angry, heat-seeking missile guided for Logano who seems to be an easy target for a lot of the veteran drivers. Part of it is Logano's own fault, but past baggage has made good, tough racing like on the last lap Sunday get some unwarranted blame in situations because of reputation.

The only problem for Busch is that he went into Logano's pit without his own posse and the end result for Busch was getting pinned by Logano's crew and when the pile-up was cleared it was Busch who came away with a bloody forehead.

“I got dumped,” Busch told a Fox Sports reporter shortly after the brawl. “Flat-out just drove straight into the corner and wrecked us. That’s how Joey races, so he’s going to get it.”

Busch is the most recent recipient from the Gibbs stable to have issues with Logano's 'hard-racing' style. Denny Hamlin once broke his back at Fontana and missed six races after Logano made a poor choice of moves at 200 mph and on another occasion Matt Kenseth was spun out while leading at a Kansas race during the Chase and was eliminated from championship contention.

Busch-Logano I was by no means Leonard-Hearns in the annals of classic bouts in Las Vegas, but it did get me pumped to see what happens next as the series goes to Phoenix this weekend on the second of its three-race west coast swing.

Is Logano "going to get it" there?

Ironically, when looking back at what happened at the last Phoenix race in November, it was Logano winning with Busch finishing second which gives us another compelling storyline as part of the tale of the tape. Do we get Busch-Logano II this week?

I'd be all good with some more trash talk, drama and great side-by-side racing with the fenders and doors dented. Let the relationship simmer to keep the NASCAR police off their back, but then have it explode fantastically somewhere down the road.

I think a lot of NASCAR fans that aren't tuning in as much lately will watch that story unfold, too. TV ratings have been trending downward the past few years. Sunday's brawl was shown on every national news channel Monday morning. When Good Morning America is showing NASCAR in their coverage, it's a big deal.

So we've got that going on, but let's get back on point here and start talking about who is going to win the race.

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