Friday, January 13, 2012

Kurt Busch Sets Fastest Times of Daytona Test Sessions Friday


Kurt Busch in the No. 51 fastest in Friday's Daytona test session (Getty)
Friday afternoon test session:
#51-KuBusch 206.058
#78-Smith 206.053
#18-KyBusch 205.813
#24-Gordon 205.747
#5-Kahne 205.747
Some Notes:
After the morning session, NASCAR met with the drivers to encourage them to draft in a large pack of cars at the start of the session to see how the cars react. All teams except the #48 participated.
#31-Burton made contact with the wall during the pack drafting when he cut down a tire. The team will repair the car.
28 drivers exceed 200mph.
Driver again tested in a large pack with an hour remaining in the session before returning to two car drafts.

Friday morning test session:
#56-Truex, Jr. 204.722
#15-Bowyer 204.722
#43-Almirola 203.142
#9-Ambrose 203.142
#55-Martin 201.748
Some Notes:
As a result of rules changes made by NASCAR, cars were allowed to draft during this session, but most are expected to wait until the afternoon.
#18-Busch's team changed valve springs in the engine this morning after computer data showed the engine was over-revved yesterday.

Day 2 Test Times

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